Cooling – Typical Issues You Might Face

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Unfortunately, even when you normally stay on top of your air conditioner's regular upkeep requirements, little problems can still occur when the system is in the most demand. Evaluating these 5 typical a/c unit issues might assist you better gauge when to require emergency repairs over the summer.

Air Conditioner Won't Switch on
Few things are as discouraging as coming home to a stuffy home on a hot summertime day. Fortunately, this is frequently a quick fix to obtain your a/c unit working once again. The concern is generally that the thermostat was set incorrectly or simply isn't really working. If reviewing your thermostat settings doesn't help, it might be time to replace your thermostat completely.
Before you buy a new thermostat, remember to examine your breaker box. It's constantly possible that the a/c's breaker was turned even when everything else in your house seems working fine.
Air Conditioner Isn't really Cooling Like It Utilized To
A running air conditioning system that cannot properly cool your home is usually a sign of an air flow issue. The top place to start troubleshooting this one is at the return. When was the last time you altered your filters? If it's been a while, a clogged filter could be in the way of the air that's aiming to return to the system. When everything looks great inside your house, it's time to inspect the device outside. To work optimally, your system needs two feet of clearance all around. If you've got branches or particles closer than that, it could be obstructing airflow.
If air flow isn't really the concern, it may be essential to call an expert to check your refrigerant lines.
Air Conditioner Bangs
If your air conditioner makes strange sounds whenever it starts up or winds down, it can be an aggravating experience even if everything is otherwise working fine. Often, this is absolutely nothing more troublesome than a loose screw. Once it's tightened, the noise will disappear. However, this might also signify blower concerns.
Considering that dealing with the high voltage of your air conditioning device can be dangerous, it's finest to hire a professional. If you have to fix it yourself, constantly keep in mind to shut off the power to your air conditioning system prior to touching the parts.
AC Costs Too Much To Run
An improperly kept ac system can lose 5% performance each year, skyrocketing your energy costs over time. The very best method to handle the all too common problem of high summer cooling costs is to have your system serviced prior to the onset of the heat.
Air Conditioner Remains on Too Long/Not Long Enough
The placement of your thermostat can eventually determine for how long your a/c runs over the summer season. If the thermostat is in direct sunlight, it may continue running after the rest of your home is an igloo. Changing the place of your thermostat can be a cost-effective way to improve the general efficiency of your Air Conditioning by just requiring it to run when it's actually essential. If you still have an older model of thermostat, utilizing this opportunity to set up a programmable thermostat can assist you save much more cash on cooling costs. Contact North Star Heating & Air Conditioning through their website or through (801) 285-9022 to speak to the group of specialists. We desire your heater and air conditioner working safely for this vacation season in West Jordan.

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