10 Prevalent Issues with Furnace Repair in West Jordan

Posted on: October 27, 2015 by in Furnace Repair
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Everyone has heard it said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  That kind of thinking results all too often in serious and expensive issues with furnace repair in West Jordan.

  1. Lack of Preventive Maintenance.

    Who neglects to put oil in their car until the engine catches on fire?  Ridiculous, no?  Neglecting to perform basic maintenance on a furnace means having to hire a furnace repair contractor in West Jordan to do major repairs that could have been avoided by simple, inexpensive steps.

  2. Clogged filters.  

    Neglecting to change air filters on your heating and air system is a major reason owners have to call for expensive furnace repair service.  Learning how to change the filter and how often to do it eliminates a major cause of expensive furnace repair.

  3. Normal wear and tear.

    Nothing mechanical lasts forever, but your furnace repair West Jordan contractor can give you tips for adding years of service to your HVAC system.  Knowing what to look for in maintaining your furnace gives the owner DIY capabilities which may save a great deal of expense.

  4. Pilot light and ignition problems.  

    Most likely it will require professional furnace repair if there is a faulty ignition or problems that result in an unlit pilot light.  Such problems make it impossible to heat an area and need to be attended to expeditiously.

  5. There may be a thermostat problem.  

    A furnace repair West Jordan contractor will be able to identify faulty thermostat problems which may call for its replacement.

  6. Furnace repair in West Jordan is needed when the unit fails to work.

    Heating repair service requires an experienced professional.  The problem involves both electricity and natural gas affecting the thermostat, power and gas input, or possibly a bad thermostat.  These are issues that might be avoided with annual inspections.

  7. Problem of insufficient heat.

    If the filter has worked well in the past, most likely the problem of insufficient heat is a clogged filter.  If that is not the problem there is a need for furnace repair which is probably a matter for a furnace repair West Jordan service professional.

  8. On again, off again.  

    Heating repair service may be necessary if the problem is a faulty thermostat.  When the heater starts cycling on and off frequently, it is time to check the thermostat.  When it needs to be replaced, the best solution is to call in the company that installed the unit in the first place.

  9. Even on "auto" the fan never cuts off.

    This condition must be diagnosed quickly if the problem is the limit switch.  This type of repair is another that calls for a furnace repair West Jordan professional to perform the heating repair service.

  10. The unit becomes noisy.

    Heating and air condition units should run quietly.  Noticeable squeaks and rattles are not normal and indicate a mechanical problem somewhere in the system.  Airflow problems or a possibly clogged burner may be the culprits.

  Letting furnace problems continue on may lead to very serious situations such as carbon monoxide leaks which can be fatal.  Also, preventive maintenance and quick action with any problems that arise avoid much more expensive furnace repair issues in West Jordan later on.

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